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{PR} Eros
Just so you know, there are other meanings of the lily flower than purity uvu) b

anyways- here's the SS for Huuni that's...
yes...2 months late 8'D 
you can punish me
BUT! I do hope I can make it up to you somehow!
So feel free to drag me to your dungeon 
No no but I owe you so tell me whenever you need something~

Special thanks to MakaShikami for bg advice!!! <33333
[ Open Hearts ] - Lulu

      :iconopen-hearts: ;;A;;; //WEEPS I apologize if it seems rushed - I've been very busy with school lately and there are groups I just want! To! Join!!! I promise to polish this if I get in!!

      ✥ P R O F I L E ✥

    ✿ N A M E
        Luella Yurika

    ✿ N I C K N A M E

    ✿ G E N D E R

    ✿ A G E

    ✿ B I R T H D A Y
        December 31st

    ✿ Y E A R

    ✿ H E I G H T

       153 cm

    ✿ W E I G H T
        39 kg

    ✿ N A T I O N A L I T Y
    Chinese - French + Japanese heritage

    ✿ V O I C E
        ♪ (y o y) If link doesn't work :

    ✥ W O U L D - B E   S E L F ✥

        One who can be unconditionally compassionate and empathetic - to be able to walk in another’s shoes; an angelic figure with a heart as deep as the seas.

      ✥ P E R S O N A L   I N F O ✥

    ✿ P E R S O N A L I T Y

    ✔ | Adventurous | Eccentric | Rational | Playful | Optimistic | Resolute |
       | Inquisitive | Idealistic |
    ✖ | Selfish | Annoyingly Self-righteous | Delusional | Inconsistent | Nosy |

    It is believed empathy - the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes - is key, if not the key, to social interactions as well as morality. Without empathy, one would act only out of self-interest at best; at worst, they would be placed into the collection of sociopaths. However, this is only half-true for Luella. Preferring to shield her mind’s eye from reality, she lives in a perpetual state of denial, as if problems can cease to exist if she pretends so. Only accepting to perceive a world through her delusions and rose colored lenses, she can be quite selfish, and naive as well. This ignorance may show in the form of her thirst for excitement and adventure; ironically leading to her inquisitive nature. Despite her ideals and dreamy outlook, she is a logical individual. Just like her selective beliefs, her logic simply only applies to how she perceives things.

    Due to Luella’s grounded ideals that have been narrowed due to how limited it has become with the intellect it ranges in, she often finds herself being at odds with many that oppose her ideas. Not being close-minded per say, but simply in denial when ideas obstruct her fantasy-like mindset. It is hard for her to grasp certain concepts that seem to foreign for the usual person, and will certainly be in a bit of trouble if she tries to conform herself to their beliefs. Luella writes her own plans for life, and would not dare let another have their say in such a thing. She is incredibly bold when it comes to what she believes in, too, and is positive that what she holds as true is what will help further herself--as well as those that choose to follow her. Speaking of, people she has come to get close to will be trusted unconditionally by Luella, as she is unwaveringly loyal to her peers. As long as, however, they play along to her ideas. If they manage to gain her admiration, there is little they can do to have her not heed to them. Put simply: Follow Luella and agree to her daydreams, and she’ll owe her gratification as well as faith.

    Special thanks to HMSArdent again ♥

     L I K E S
        ◇ macarons
        ◇ stories
        ◇ adventure
        ◇ learning, to an extent
        ◇ blond hair
        ◇ dolls, decorative boxes, antiques
        ◇ her brother

    ✿ D I S L I K E S
        ◇ rudeness
        ◇ Work, to an extent
        ◇ nuts and legumes  
        ◇ boredom
        ◇ her dark hair

    ✿ B I O G R A P H Y

        Her room had always a haphazard collection of treasures. Toys, clothes that are obviously too large for her, and pieces of art would be strewn about carelessly. It;s to be expected from a child. Doting a new toy, only to toss it aside after the excitement withers. Except habits grew into something more - a framework for what she believes herself to desire. Meaningless flattery from her attendants, who don’t care enough to look at her as they expound on her beauty. Recognition and even power among her little clique of schoolmates, who constantly showered her with attention. Born to a wealthy family in the fashion industry, her childhood was a spoiled and pampered one. And little did she doubt her received affection, until another figure came into view.

        As her elder brother returned from his studies, all heads turned towards him. She wasn’t oblivious to his existence - but a young child was not able to comprehend the drastic changes he had brought to her life. Her court now empty, and the seemingly granted affection stolen by her brother,  Luella’s resentment built with each passing day. Even her parents, favouring the eldest and male child, began to direct their attention back onto him. Yet while she was preoccupied with jealousy, however, her brother only returned unconditional love. Trapped by said jealousy and her inability to accept the love of her brother, her responses were harsh and even violent. Ultimately heartbroken, the brother continued his studies. Yet having everything she wanted, instead of feeling happy, emptiness plagued her instead. Was it guilt? Was it her inability to return love? Or perhaps, her regret of hurting one who genuinely cared in return.

    Can’t you feel his pain?

        The very next day the egg sat quiety atop her dressing table - as if an answer to her self-reflection.

        Time passes, and due to a debut said to last a couple of years, the father brings Luella to Japan. Being both impressive and inclusive to foreign students, Seiyou caught his eye. She was told to take the highschool. She could make new friends… But that wasn’t important - through hearsay, she believes her brother was studying in said country. This was a chance to make amends.

      ✥ M I S C E L L A N E O U S ✥

    ✿ T R I V I A
        ◇ Those who dislikes dolls may find the resemblance of her appearance unsettling.
        ◇ Always uses polite titles when addressing others regardless of their superiority/age, close friends being                 exclusive.
        ◇ Her narrow build gives her an illusion of height.
        ◇ If you offer her help, she would most likely accept it. Same goes with compliments.
        ◇ Extremely ticklish. That is her ultimate weakness.
        ◇ Her nosy nature has branched into a hobby of following people around, asking questions and taking notes.

    ✿ P R O F I L E
    (u 3 u)

    ✿ C O M P L I C A T I O N S
        P v P
        I n j u r y
        C o r r u p t i o n

    ✿ L E T' S  R P !
        N A M E
        R P  M E T H O D S
            I am willing to try everything, but I prefer hc’s!
        A v a i l a b i l i t y  
            Discord and notes! (Note me for my Discord~)

    ✿ N O T E S
       ◇ Special thanks to Canicow for topknotch guidance!
       ◇ Special thanks to MizumiHisui for recruiting me!
       ◇ I tend to tilt towards dark themes so whenever I get too intense feel free to tell me~ As a person, of course y o y ! Luella is children-friendly I swear ;w;
       ◇ Reference to 04-13 Lu my dear!




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